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A collectible lifestyle brand for the digital-first generation.

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GENESIS Salt Season

Bitcoin Edition

NFC-enabled Apparel + Artwork NFT + Digital Wearable + $SALTY

Ξ 6.05

Ethereum Edition

NFC-enabled Apparel + Artwork NFT + Digital Wearable + $SALTY

Ξ 6.05

We're closing the gap between digital and physical

We create "digi-fizzy" collectibles - real world collectibles linked to unique NFT counterparts. Using the magic of Ethereum.

Now, you can show off your

digital drip


Premium collectibles are scannable by NFC or QR so you can easily verify authenticity and ownership.

Are you an artist, a brand or collector?

SaltDAO has a place for you.

Join a network of 350+ talented individuals as we explore innovative applications for digi-fizzy collectibles and create entirely new ways for people to experience, collect and appreciate collectible apparel and merchandise.