A brand governed by the community


Be part of a community

Anybody can be a part of SaltDAO by holding the $SALTY Governance Token.

Earn & share $SALTY

Participate in SaltDAO to earn more $SALTY and share it with your friends.

Vote with $SALTY

Vote on proposals that influence the direction of the project and brand.

Progress the ranks

Hold more $SALTY, gain more influence, receive better rewards.

For artists

Salt & Satoshi and SaltDAO present a unique opportunity for artists to branch out to new audiences and experiment with a novel and innovative new artistic medium. By collaborating with SaltDAO, you'll be rewarded with governance tokens of your own and be able to make decisions influencing the future of the project.

For communities

Collaborate with SaltDAO to experiment with new and exciting merchandising opportunities. Using digi-physical collectibles, you'll be able to create and capture value for your customers in a way that was not previously possible.

For collectors

After purchasing a Salt Season NFT you can provide your shipping info on our redemption portal to redeem your unique physical ítem (and some other goodies too).

Once you've received your physical item, you'll have the ability to verify it's authenticity and easily show off it's digital counterpart by scanning the attached NFC tag.

Most importantly, buyers of Salt Seasons are rewarded with $SALTY governance tokens which can be used to influence future developments of the project. That way the fans can stay in control of a brand they love and support.

Stake $SALTY LP for



(Coming Soon)

Stake official $SALTY LP tokens from the SaltDAO Balancer Pool to earn $DRIP. The $DRIP token can be burned to gain access to exclusive Salt & Satoshi items in the form of $DRIP DROPS.

More details on LP Staking and $DRIP are coming soon - join the Discord to stay up to date.

Are you an artist, a brand or collector?

SaltDAO has a place for you.

Join a network of 350+ talented individuals as we explore innovative applications for digi-fizzy collectibles and create entirely new ways for people to experience, collect and appreciate collectible apparel and merchandise.